Amenities You Will Find In Luxury Hotels

Many people prefer living in a luxury hotel when on holiday. If you are visiting Christchurch, then you will find several luxury hotels there. The reason why these people spend so much money on accommodation is the special amenities they get. Here are some of the amenities you will find in luxury hotels in Christchurch.

Bathroom amenities

The bathroom toiletries are one of the major attractions of a luxury hotel. Depending on the hotel’s grade, you will get a tray of branded toiletries, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, soap, comb, makeup remover wipes, and other things. There will be hair drying and other hair styling products. Some hotels provide you with fragrances.


You will find robes and sleepers with your name on them. The people at the reception will also welcome you by your name. These customizations make a lot of difference. People feel special and feel that the service is only for them.

Butler service

With 24/7 butler service, you won’t even need to unpack your luggage. They will do everything for you. They will make coffee for you, bring your food to the room, and guide you to the swimming pool, spa, or other hotel facilities. They will also book local tours for you and arrange for any transportation as well.


You will find chocolate bars, chips, cookies, and other snacks at your table. There will be a tray of tea and coffee. In the fridge, you will find beer and other drinks. These snacks and drinks will be complimentary. So, the moment you reach the hotel, you can feel refreshed.

Complimentary breakfast and high tea

These hotels will give you a buffet breakfast with lots of items. You will feel like eating everything but won’t be able to fit them on your plate. The food is cooked by a world-class chef, and they are delicious. Most of these hotels also have arrangements for high tea in the afternoon. So, you can have tea along with some savoury and sweet items.

You won’t find all these facilities in normal hotels. So, though you have to pay a lot of money to stay in these luxury hotels, the experience will be amazing.

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